new boats

We are thrilled to be the dealers of some very unique and special types of yachts.
J Boats: J Boats are sleek, speedy, sailing vessels that are perfect for day sailing, racing or for a weekend cruise. These boats are just as comfortable as they are easy to handle. The J Boat company really emphasizes "sailing comfort" or sailing without stress.
Brenta: B-Yachts designed by Luca Brenta and built in Italy, are a high class line of sailing yachts built for efficiency and comfort. Ultra modern interiors and exteriors, with nothing but sharp lines and futuristic engineering.
Arcadia: ECOTHINK, ECOTECH and ECOLIVING are a large part of the Ecological Dream at Arcadia Yachts. Quiet, functional, built with sustainable elements and easy to manage yachts for an incredibly unique yachting experience.